This review is for the Green Tec Auto in Washington, DC. I had to replace a battery and they came out and replaced it, and my battery light came back on. I contacted them and they were happy to come out again and replace again. After that, the battery light came on again, so I called and they got some info and the owner Phil came out to check it out. It ended up being a bad ECU, not the battery, and he replaced that without charge. Everything has been good so far. He was very friendly and wanted to make sure the problem was resolved and make things right. Overall GREAT service!

David S. , Washington , DC

GreenTec Auto absolutely rocks. Like everyone else reporting on this subject it was great to find such a good company after being stunned by the Toyota dealer here by the news about the need for a battery replacement for our 2007 Camry Hybrid. After being told the price was $4650 for a replacement battery (including install) they thought softening the blow by telling me that cost of the diagnostics ($125) would be deducted would make me want to just leave my car with them and play the bill. I knew there had to b e a better solution and went on line to find GreenTec. The reviews were great and the dealer experiences were nearly identical to the ones I described above. The discovery of a solution just as good or better than the dealer at less than half the price really softened the blow for my family.

Nadya was great to work with on the sale, Vince was extremely helpful in scheduling around several challenges including delayed shipping. Robert the installation technician really knows his stuff. It was a pleasure to watch him work. He was also quite accommodating in adjusting his schedule to accommodate mine. In less than an hour he ran the diagnostics to confirm the bad battery, the old one removed and the new one in and car back together and running like a top. Having the installation done at my home was really amazing. You have a good company GreenTec. Keep up the good work and customers will find you. And hang onto guys like Robert. He’s a keeper.

David Norman , Little Rock , AR

So far so good.
I had my 2nd generation Honda Civic Hybrid serviced there yesterday. The replacement process was quick and easy. Installation only took 30 minutes.

For the 2nd generation civic Greentec offers 3 different battery options
$1595 6.5AMP 18 months unlimited miles warranty
$1994 6.5AMP 3 years unlimited miles warranty
$2251 8AMP 4 years unlimited miles warranty

Installation costs: If you bring your car to them installation is $200. If you want them to do a mobile installation and come to you they charge $350 (yes despite the fact they are Sacramento based they will come out to the SF bay area for $350).

If you want to compare the how much it costs at the dealer…. the cheapest dealer wanted $2178 for a replacement battery (3 year, 36K warranty) plus $350 for installation. So if you compare the dealer to the 3 year warranty greentec battery the prices are 2528 (2178+350 install) and 2019 (1994+200 install-175 coupon) respectively… a savings of $509. If you went with the cheapest battery with the 18 month warranty you would save $908 compared to the dealer.

In the end I ended up buying the 8AMP battery with the four year warranty since I was able to get my hands on a $175 coupon code from their facebook page. I opted for the 8AMP battery because it had the longest warranty with no mileage restrictions. The no mile limit is really important to me since I have 205K miles on my 2008 civic. If I purchased my battery from the dealer I probably would have used up my warranty in 1.5 years.

In regards to the performance of the battery… so far so good… my old battery was averaging 38MPG (the old battery had 11% capacity/life left). With the new one I am now averaging about 39MPG around town and 43MPG on the highway and the car feels a bit more powerful.

I also would like to note that I also called the Hybrid Shop (both Bay Area locations, Novato and San Carlos); their prices/warranty were close to the dealer pricing with same warranty. In my assessment if GreenTec was not an option I would have selected the dealer over the Hybrid Shop.

TIP: check their facebook page. Around all major holidays they tend to post a $175 off coupon code toward the purchase of a battery.

Brain T. , Castro valley , CA

After purchasing a used Prius in October of 2014 I have had the battery fail. Since I spent a great deal on the purchase of my car I wasn’t ready have a major repair. Buying used was my first issue but thank goodness for Greentec Auto.

After getting quotes on replacements I came across this mostly nationwide hybrid repair shop. I showed up half an hour before the shop opened and left with a fully replaced battery 40 minutes after the shop opened. They have warranties on their products and the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly.

If I have to go back I will but my fingers are crossed I won’t need anymore repairs.

Brenden S. , Fair Oaks , CA

I purchased the 8.0 Amp upgraded battery for my 2003 Civic Hybrid to replace the second OEM battery. I was considering replacing it myself but decided to get  a Green Tec technician to install it. Robert from the Lafayette, LA shop did the install at my house in less than an hour. He was very courteous and knowledgeable. Car has a lot more pickup and seems to be smoother operating than before. No more IMA or Check Engine light. Also, I didn’t have to ship the old one back. I would recommend letting the techs do the work.

James K. McHan , Vicksburg , MS

Dear Toni,
Just a quick note to thank you for your attention to our needs and exemplary customer service when my son needed a remanufactured hybrid battery for his Prius.  Given the age of the car, yours was the perfect solution, and your ability to answer all questions and make the necessary production and shipping arrangements were most helpful.  I won’t hesitate to recommend GreenTec when other hybrid owners ask about rebuilt batteries.
Thank you again and have a great summer.


Dear Toni,
Just a quick note to thank you for your attention to our needs and exemplary customer service when my son needed a remanufactured hybrid battery for his Prius.  Given the age of the car, yours was the perfect solution, and your ability to answer all questions and make the necessary production and shipping arrangements were most helpful.  I won’t hesitate to recommend GreenTec when other hybrid owners ask about rebuilt batteries.
Thank you again and have a great summer.

Mark Woodward , Norwwich , VT

My 2002 Toyota Prius needed a new battery. We first checked the price at Adams Toyota in Lee Summit, Missouri but found their pricing was ridiculously expensive, would take 3 days to get the part in, then another day to install it, and they only offered only a one year warranty. So we let our fingers search the internet for a more viable option and discovered GreenTec Auto of Raymore, Missouri. 
To our complete surprise, they offered “AT HOME” service and replacement battery for only $2000, and their warranty was for TWO years! Their contact person, Jani, was delightfully personable and very knowledgeable. We booked an appointment with repairman Scott, for the next day. 
Being a USAF retiree, we were even honored with a $100 off discount!!! It just doesn’t get any better than this, folks! Their service, their professionalism, and their overall business attitude was above reproach. Scott had my Prius singing again in just over two hours.
Do yourself a favor… if you need a battery for your hybrid, call this company. You’ll be glad you did!

Gina Parker Wallace , Blue Springs , MO

After talking to a Honda dealer and found out how expensive their hybrid battery was, I almost thought about buying a different car. First I didn’t know that your company offered installation so I checked with the dealer if they will do the installation. The dealer, of course, quickly said that your batteries were not Honda certified. When I read many of the testimonies of how happy your customers were and after doing some of the research myself on line, I decided to purchase the battery and have you installed it for me. People who came was awesome and first tried to see if they can use the current battery as they found a loose wire. They spent many hours test driving the car. They never pushed me to do anything like the Honda dealers did. After they fixed the current battery for me, I finally decided to replace the battery as it was getting so old and my car was not performing well. After they installed the battery, it went from 39 mpg to 52 mpg. Your company is awesome and I’ll recommend your company to anyone who needs to replace hybrid batteries. Thanks a lot for your help. Hope your company will be expand to help more people in the States.

Azusa Johnson , Woodbridge , VA

Absolutely the best car service that I got, gas or hybrid!  Dave, the service man was polite, professional and very knowledgeable of his product and services.  He came to my house to exchange the hybrid battery in my ’07 Prius for less than half the cost the dealer wanted and a fourth of the time the dealer quoted.  I am not typically a fan of this review writing, but I had to in this case, Dave and the guys saved me over 2000 dollars!  Thanks, and I am adding them to my Angie’s List!

Michael Jones , Weslley Chapel , FL

After nearly having a heart attack at the surprise and sticker shock of what the dealer wanted to charge for a replacement battery for my 2005 Prius, I began looking into options.  I called late on a Saturday and Daniel put my mind at ease, I had follow up conversations with Rachelle and quickly scheduled an appointment.  Aaron arrived at my home early and was ready to swap it out.  All in all 30 min for the mobile install as opposed to the 4 hrs from the dealer at 50% of the cost with a better warranty hard to beat.  Excited to have my Prius rolling again.  Thanks!

Keith Harvey , Mansfield , TX

I have a 2006 Prius with 130K miles and received warning lights that indicated a problem with the hybrid battery pack on August 3rd. I took it to the local dealership and they confirmed that the pack needed to be replaced and the cost would be $3,300 with a one year warranty. With the age and mileage of my car, I wasn’t sure it was worth it. So I did a Google search and found GreenTec Auto. I read some positive testimonials on the site and also on a Prius forum. So I contacted GreenTec and decided to go for the mid-range battery option at $1,345.00. I am in Alabama and their nearest location is in Louisiana, so I figured I’d have to have it shipped to me and figure out how to install it (I’ve read that it can be difficult). However, I found that they would do an onsite installation for $400, which is very reasonable for the distance and the fact that I wouldn’t have to set apart a day to attempt the replacement. I still figured I’d have to take a half day off of work to meet the technician, however I was contacted by the technician, Robert, who said that he could come out to my house on SUNDAY afternoon and replace the pack. This was awesome to me and he came out and replaced it in less than an hour! He was very knowledgeable and thorough. That’s been almost two months ago now and I have not had any problems. I highly recommend these guys. The at-home installation is a GREAT benefit.

Tim Kelly , Childersburg , AL