I just want to say thank you to Sara Murphy in sales and Gilbert Gomez and Tim at the Woodridge, IL facility for their outstanding customer service. From beginning to end they were courteous, professional and conscientious in all of their duties. I have already been able to recommend GreenTec Auto to several of my Prius owner friends. Thanks again for a great battery buying experience.

Charles Anthony , Heyworth , IL

I cannot say enough good things about the services you provided to us. The pricing was very reasonable, the turnaround time was quick, and installation was so easy. Your technician was polite, prompt, and provided a lot of helpful information at the end of the visit. I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs your services. Thank you!

Kathleen Laubenstein , Malvern , PA

I don’t leave testimonial ever. I would have to say this is my first. Two years ago I purchased a beautiful 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid in excellent condition at an auction. After driving it for a month for more than 600 miles the car did not start, the display was showing hybrid battery problem. Wow what a problem!!! Toyota dealer wanted $4350 for a hybrid battery and the small battery. I browsed the web and found the best solution to my problem. Purchased the 3-year guarantee and to my surprise the Tampa office drove 4 hours to Cooper City, Florida to install the battery at my home. I could not believe I only had to pay $2400. The people at GreenTec Auto were EXCELLENT!!! Especially the Cindy and Audrey who provided the best service. Thank You all!!!

Edwin Diaz , Cooper City , FL

Wow, you folks are amazing! When confronted with the prospect of spending $3300 at the dealer to get my 2005 Prius back up and running, I immediately went to the Internet in search of options. Luckily I found GreenTec. I am in Lubbock, TX which is about 350 miles away from the closest GreenTec location in Dallas. I called the 800 number and spoke with Cindy and explained my situation. To my amazement she said she could have a technician drive to my house from Dallas to install my battery. At the time she said it could be done in about a week but would put me in touch with the Dallas location to arrange everything. I spoke with Rochell (sp?) there and she had someone at my house the very next day! I didn’t get to meet him but my wife said he was wonderful and had the job done in 30 minutes. The car now runs like brand new and I couldn’t be happier. The battery has a better warranty than the dealer was offering and my wallet is much happier. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and helpful. Great company and I know they will stand by their work.

Jerry Tomlinson

Just received a upgraded 8amp battery install in our 05 Honda Civic. Only took about 45 minutes, we are very pleased, On the way to the shop we were averaging 42 mpg. On the way home we averaging 52.2 WOW!!! THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED AT THE RAYMORE SHOP!!!  GREAT PEOPLE!!!!  GREAT COMPANY!!!

Bill Browning , Ottawa , KS

You guys are a life saver. I had to get a battery for my Prius when I was working in DC for a few weeks. You guys took care of me.. I was charged a reasonable price and the staff was quick and courteous. That’s all I ever ask for. Thanks for doing such a great job. I have had no problems out of my batteries since. If you guys have a GreenTec Auto shirt or any cool stuff I would love to have it to show my support. You guys keep doing an awesome job with those great batteries. Have a great week.

Adam Wingler , North Wilkesboro , NC

If you’re looking for a hybrid battery replacement in the DFW area, there’s currently only a few places you can go: the dealership, an online battery supplier (if you’re a DIY person), or Greentec. The dealership is going to gouge you for usually well over $4,000, and while the online suppliers want half that, you’ll have to pony up $200+ for S/H, as well as $800+ for a core-return-deposit.

I needed a new 2005 Civic Hybrid battery and found Greentec’s site after checking all the other options. Called Rachelle and was surprised to find out that not only were their prices competitive with the DIY suppliers, but their install fee was under $100, and they offered three battery options: rebuilt, standard (6Amp), or high capacity (8Amp). Best of all, there was no core deposit necessary, AND they offer significantly longer battery warranties than most dealerships.

I ordered the 8Amp battery, and had it delivered to their Carrollton shop, where it arrived after only a few days. Rachelle contacted me promptly and was able to schedule an installation that same afternoon, which ended up taking only around 20 minutes. (Which may not be the case for all hybrids, but the civic is a simple replacement.)

My car’s battery was thoroughly dead – after driving a while on the new one, I was surprised to find that not only was my electric-assist working better than I ever remember, but my MPG had increased significantly as well.

Throughout the entire process, Rachelle was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and pleasant. I had called many other shops and received varying degrees of rudeness (especially since I admitted to price-shopping and was considering replacing the battery myself), but Rachelle was fine with this and answered my questions without hesitation. In all honesty, I most likely would have gone with GreenTec even had they not been the cheapest option based on her professionalism alone.

Adam S , Richardson , TX

I like everyone else was quoted a high price,  lied to about several things or problems the battery was causing. All to get me to pay that high price.
I am very impressed with the service I got from your company. I thought WOW a company that has Customer Service that cares about the customer!  I talked with Cindy for a couple of weeks, she answered each and every question and explained them to me.
The service tech Robert Skinner was very polite and professional, I was amazed he changed the  battery so quickly.  I am  very happy I choose to have it installed so hassle free.  It makes no sense  a dealer can try to justify such a high labor fee. Thank You GreenTec I’m back on the road again.

Lillian Wadley , Mabelvale , AR

Robert just left after replacing the battery in my 2006 Prius and I couldn’t be happier!    The whole process took just an hour or two.   He arrived on time and went right to work in the most professional, efficient manner.  As a bonus, I learned more about my car from Robert in an hour than I have from 10 years talking with other service technicians.   I have another similar Prius and now have the peace of mind knowing that the good folks at green tech auto can efficiently and cost effectively deal with whatever high tech electrical or transmission problems they might develop down the road.

Tom Leis , Nashville , TN

Just ordered a new IMA battery from Greentec because I was so OVER being beholden to Honda for more money with crappy warranties. The 4 year, unlimited mileage warranty is what sold me with Greentec (for contrast Honda’s 3 yr/36,000 miles battery lasted me to 2 yrs 4 months & 41,000 miles–SO not worth another $3800 on an 11 year old car!)

I ordered my battery from the DC office, the sales rep was personable, knowledgeable and they shipped it the next day. (in contrast to Honda ordering FROM JAPAN and taking 2 weeks and me having to give my VIN # so that that battery could only be installed in my car.)

My dealer installed a week ago, and so far it’s running great– mileage is even slightly better than the previous battery. Cautiously optimistic that this was a wise decision. 

Casey B.D. , Gray , ME

Daniel came to us in Atlanta from the Tampa location to replace the batteries in my fiancé’s Prius. It was super easy to schedule and a very quick install! Looking forward to when they have an office here in Atlanta!

Amy B. , Atalanta , GA

I used GreenTec Auto’s mobile installation service to install a refurbished battery with 18 month warranty into my 2008 Prius. Service, both at my home and on the phone, was impeccable.

I cannot recommend highly enough.

Chris M. , Loganville , GA