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Tax Season Sale

Tax Season Sale 2019 on Hybrid Batteries

Tax season is over. Get your car back on the road with more powerful and longer lasting 8 AMP hybrid battery. Enjoy Tax Season week promotional discounts on hybrid batteries.

Spring Break Sale

Spring Break Sale 2019 on Hybrid Batteries

It’s time to get away. Get your car back on the road with more powerful and longer lasting 8 AMP hybrid battery. Enjoy Spring Break week promotional discounts on hybrid batteries.



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Hybrid Battery Replacement in Denver

Hybrid Battery Repair Shop in Denver, CO

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Tax Season Sale 2019 on Hybrid Batteries

Tax Season Sale

Spring Break Sale 2019 on Hybrid Batteries

Spring Break Sale

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Today I called on 11/04/2019 and Greentec was able to bring out their install tech. Marcus the same day to get my hybrid battery in my Toyota Camry replaced and up and running again! thank you to the whole team that was able to help me out and get my car back on the road! He really did a great job!

Roland Woods

Raymore, MO

I am in love with these guys and drive over an hour to New Jersey to go to them. Amir has managed my car warranty impeccably and is always available. Yesterday, 1 mile outside of Bay Ridge Toyota, Christian diagnosed what looks like a failing pump inverter. He pulled up the diagnostic codes and took the time to explain the problem to me. Not only did Toyota charge me for unnecessary repairs, but they also didn’t pick up the error codes. Additionally, Christian showed me that my inverter cooling fluid was dangerously low, which is incredible since the Toyota mechanic negligently checked off that my fluids were OK. I can’t begin to thank Green Tech enough for your stellar service and for going above and beyond to take the time to educate me on what was going on with my car. It’s amazing to see that Green Tech supersedes a Toyota dealership in every way possible. I hope that you have the opportunity to work with Christian and Amir. Aside from appreciating their honesty and depth of knowledge, you will appreciate that they truly care about you and your car.

Lavonne Roberts


Yesterday we received excellent customer service on our 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid. Both Ron from Houston and Misael from Dallas responded to our warranty call to Greentec Auto. They both came to our house in Austin Texas and worked efficiently together to identify and fixed the problem.

Allen Stock

Austin, TX

I really can’t recommend this company highly enough. I went through the usual drill, finding out a replacement battery for my 2009 Prius would cost a fortune through a dealer and also through a local hybrid battery service shop. Luckily I found GreenTec online. Their prices were great and their service was exemplary. Everyone I spoke to at the company was knowledgeable and professional. Latrail Lipsey was the tech that came out to install my replacement battery and he was awesome! It was raining when he arrived and I didn’t have a covered area for him to work in but he didn’t let that stop him. He installed the battery quickly and efficiently and I was back on the road again in no time. My car is driving great! If you are in the market for a replacement hybrid battery, GreenTec will take great care of you!

Suzanne Warren

Grass Valley CA

I have 2007 Prius and have bought batteries 2 times from Greentec Auto they have stood behind there warranty the first time and the second time they were so wonderful my warranty was had expired about 2 week and they still replaced them for me under warranty. Danny came and replaced my Prius Hybrid battery. Super nice professional and attentive not enough kinds words for him
Your company is Amazing!! Unbeatable warranty and price. I highly recommend Greentec!!! Extremely pleased.

Patricia J Mudro

Peotone , IL

I have made contact with Greentec Auto and they were nothing but professional in helping and handling my particular case. Easy to deal with and great people here. Don’t hesitate getting your battery needs handled by them! Thank you, Brad!!

Nico Venturoso

San Diego, CA

I bought a all new cell battery for my 2005 prius, and when they came to put it in they tech had it put in his car to check it out while he drove to my house to install it. he had road tested it before he put it in my car which I was impressed. The Tech was good and was very pleasant told me a lot about their company and was proud to work there his name was Danny

David Corsaw

Smithfield, IL

I had a new battery installed at Greentec Auto in Hayward. KC arrived early, installed battery quickly , professionally and answered all my question’s.
Highly recommend.

Mike Parker

Napa, CA

I have become a skeptical person after having been screwed over by so many companies over the years but I have to say this is one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time. My 2011 Prius was down to 30 MPG in the city and I pretty much knew the drive battery was toast. Tested it (I am in the RC battery business (so I know batteries really well) and it was down to around 10% of the rated capacity. Called Greentec auto and talked with reps. All were courteous but reluctant to give out any technical information. I get it. So I ended up buying a replacement with new cells as I am keeping this car for a while. First drive from my friends house to mine. 86.0 mpg! WTF, is that really possible? Well I realized the trip had more downhill stretches so I did the trip in reverse. 50.0 mpg? That means combined I got over 65mpg. Since then been averaging over 50 mpg every trip even hustling the car at times. This is the best purchase I ever made! I bought a 2010 Prius new from the dealer and never got mileage that good. If you want your mileage restored to better than new this is the place!

William Roe

Lake Havasu City, AZ