What is a core charge?

If core deposit is charged, it will be refunded to you once we receive your old battery. All cores must be returned within 45 days for core deposit refund. In all other circumstances, your old battery will be picked up at the time of service.

How does core shipping work?

For Honda hybrid batteries, the return shipping will be sent with the new battery.
For Toyota batteries, instructions will be placed into the packaging.

How much is shipping?

Shipping one way to you from Greentec Auto is FREE within the continental United State. Add $125 shipping to a residential address ONLY FOR TOYOTA batteries. Please contact us for international shipping and shipping to Alaska and Hawaii.

Is there a shop in my area?

See our installation page: If you don’t see your city, call us. We have technicians that are willing to travel.

Do you offer installation?

We offer mobile installation in most parts of the country, please view hybrid battery mobile installation page or contact us for more info.
We also service and repair all hybrid vehicles in all our Greentec Auto shop locations.

What are the symptoms of a hybrid battery failing?

The Prius will normally set the triangle warning on the dash and you will notice the engine revving as well as the battery-cooling fan operating at high speed constantly.

What is the warranty on your remanufactured batteries?

Our warranty covers the repair or replacement for a period of 12 – 48 months with unlimited miles depending on a car model and a type of battery purchased.

Are these batteries as good as a new battery?

GreenTec’s batteries are as good as OEM hybrid batteries. Our battery cells have been reconditioned through a proprietary processes and passed durability testing before being placed in the battery packs. Every single cell is tested and matched up with entire pack for even capacity. Our products are more affordable and covered by an unlimited mileage warranty.

How much is the Hybrid Battery replacement for my hybrid car?

…Less than you may think.
Browse our product line: hybrid batteries for Toyota Prius or Camry as well as Honda’s hybrids – Civic, Accord, Insight and other makes. Whatever hybrid car you’ve got – we’re here to get it back on the road.

Greentec Auto allows you to replace your battery at a substantially lower cost with a longer replacement warranty than is given by the car dealers.

What does P0A80 mean?

P0A80 is a OBII code that stands for “replace hybrid battery pack.” This code comes up when the hybrid battery is not working correctly.

When does a Core Deposit apply to an order?

All batteries shipped direct to customers or their chosen mechanic require a core deposit of $750. Greentec Auto pays shipping to you, return freight to Greentec is deducted from the core deposit. All cores must be returned within 45 days for core deposit refund.

How do I return my old hybrid battery?

Simply strap your old battery down to the same pallet we provided and send it back, each battery will come with instructions and materials for shipping. Call our customer service line (800-773-6614), to schedule your pickup. Your call will be answered promptly by one of our remarkable battery specialists.

How long does it take to ship?

Greentec Auto can have your battery shipped out 1-2 business days after your order is completed. Depending on supply and demand, there may be additional time added to orders during busy times of the year.

I have an extra hybrid battery, would Greentec be interested in buying it from me?

Yes, not only are we able to dispose of the materials that may not be great for the environment in a completely environmentally safe way. We will also be able to salvage some parts from old battery cores and re use them. Call us for more details.

Why do you want my old battery?

Here at Greentec we try and Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We are in an environmental friendly business and we would like to keep that as true as possible. Greentec would reduce waste by reusing working parts of the battery pack and recycle or dispose of in an environmentally friendly way the parts of the battery that can not be re used.

How do I pay for my battery?

We accept all major credit cards, Pay Pal and Cashiers Checks.

What is a "Remanufactured Battery"?

A remanufactured battery is a battery pack that has cells that have been previously driven on. All our cells are carefully tested, balanced and tested again before they are installed into your vehicle.